Webinar: Content as Means of B2B Connection (B2B Thought Leader Webinar Series)

An NBCUniversal thought leader will present a multifaceted strategy to effectively engage your target audience.

It is known that B2B marketing is highly complex and often involves more high consideration purchases with long-term commitments, making a connection to the buyer essential. As our marketplace crowds and decision-making evolves, effectively engaging buyers becomes more challenging. Humanizing your brand and creating authentic connection offers a unique opportunity to overcome these challenges

Branded content can speak to the values, mission, and purpose of your company. It can create a shared sense of values and build credibility.

Topics covered in this webinar:

- Key pillars for a branded content strategy;
- Balancing purpose-driven messaging and delivering against lower-funnel objectives;
- Examples of B2B storytelling across sub-sectors.

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