How to Host a Webinar for Free

If you’re concerned about how webinars will impact your company’s budget, don’t be!

You’ve heard that hosting webinars is a fantastic marketing and sales strategy. But for some reason, you’ve been hesitant to give it a try. Maybe you haven’t had the time to plan and promote a digital event. Maybe you break out into a cold sweat every time you even think about being in front of a camera. Or maybe you thought webinar hosting was an expensive endeavor and out of reach for your company. Nothing further from the truth. All you need is good webinar software and a plan of action.

In this article, we’ll show you how to host a webinar for free. By the end, you know exactly how to plan your content, which webinar platform to use, the top webinar marketing strategies, and everything else you need to know about webinar hosting.

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