Webinar - Digital Activism: Advantages and Tools, 26.08.2021, 15:00h

Title of webinar: Digital Activism: Advantages and Tools
Date and time: 26th of August at 15:00h (Belgrade, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Prishtina, Skopje time)

Duration of the webinar: 60-90 minutes
Language of the webinar: English
Contents of the webinar:
  • Brief history of digital activism
  • Basic concepts of digital activism
  • Pros and cons of digital activism
  • Tools for digital activism
  • Focus on webinar technologies and their application in community activism in a period of pandemic and post-pandemic.

Needed equipment: computer with a camera, microphone, and headphone. Participants are recommended to test their equipment before joining the webinar. You need strong and stable Internet connection.
Participants are recommended to use good quality headsets (headphones+microphone), for better quality of the communication.
Participants are recommended to join the webinar from a well-lit room (facing the source of light) so that they can have better visual communication with other participants.
Participants should follow the instructions for participation provided by the lecturer during the webinar.
Participants are recommended to join the session 10-15 min before the start of the lecture, in order to test the quality of the audio and video.
Please contact us should you have any additional questions: info2@deso.mk