10 steps for creating a perfect webinar

They create bonds with the audience, build your authority as an expert, as well as generate valuable leads and boost sales. Undoubtedly, webinars are powerful tools to promote your business. Get the most out of running an online seminar by following these 10 easy steps!

#1 Set your goals
First, think about the main reasons why you’re running a webinar – is it lead conversion, establishing your position in the industry or maybe growing your mailing list?

Write down your goals and keep them in mind while developing the webinar’s strategy and choosing the perfect formula for your online seminar.

#2 Follow the plan
Aware of your goals? Great! Now you should transfer them into an easy to follow, step by step plan of your webinar, as well as the schedule of the project.

While making your to-do-list, try to be as specific as possible and avoid using too broad terms as “Asking X to be a guest speaker”. Instead, slice the cake by breaking your task into little steps – e.g. “A. Google X’s contact details. B. Send an invitation e-mail.”

This method will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and will enable you to track your project’s progress more effectively.

10 steps for creating a perfect webinar
#3 Hit the perfect time
Timing is everything! Especially when you’re running a webinar with attendees spread all over the world.

Here are some key factors you should consider while picking the date and time of your seminar – time zones, national holidays and the working style of your target audience.

Midweek may be the optimal time for hosting a webinar –Wednesdays and Thursdays have the highest attendance rates, while unsurprisingly Saturday and Sunday seminars are on the opposite side.

Not sure what time would be the most suitable for your audience? Simply ask the participants in a poll and let them pick up a date that will not interfere with their daily schedule. If you’re looking for a less direct way to match the time with your audience preferences, use your Google Analytics data – the activity peaks on your website might lead you to the perfect time for hosting your webinar.

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