6 Facts and Theories about Using Webinars as a Marketing Tool

If you haven’t yet joined the 32% of marketers who use webinars as a marketing tool, you may be wondering what is a webinar…

A webinar is simply a large meeting or seminar, conducted over the internet. All you need to bring hundreds or thousands of people together at the same time, is a webinar app, an internet connection and of course, a computer.

And chutzpah.

Because webinars can be used to reach so many people all at the same time, it is one of the top methods used in online marketing strategies, and works particularly well for the smaller to mid-sized business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some interesting webinar facts, as well as the theories behind them:

#1: A longer promotion time results in more attendees
Obviously, every webinar host wants a well-attended event. Its been found that the longer the time period you allow for webinar promotion, the more people will register and attend it.

In addition, the week before the event gets the majority of registrations. 29% of participants sign up on the day of the webinar, and 17% of attendees sign up more than 15 days before.

The theory? a) Give the event a long enough marketing period, and b) market it aggressively on the actual day of the event.

#2: Don’t run it for longer than 40 minutes
Participants prefer live webinars to run between 30 and 40 minutes long. If you have to go longer than that, it’s best to do it in two parts.

82% usually remain until the end (if the webinar is value-adding), but the rest drop off before the finish.

The theory? People have a lot on their plates. When they give you their time, you need to use it wisely. If you don’t provide value right to the end, they will drop out.

#3:The best time to run a webinar is at 10h00 or 15h00
It’s no small feat to decide on a time to start your webinar, mostly because you will probably cater to a very diverse geographical location, which comprises different time zones.

The best way to figure what time to set it for, is to cater to your ideal target audience, so wherever they are based should be the determining factor.

Take note though, that the best times for your niche may differ from these “best times”, so it’s vital to know your target audience well, so that you know when’s the best time to begin your webinar.

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