The Best Webinar Software For Every Business: Top 22 Webinar Tools

The popularity of webinar marketing has skyrocketed in the past year. 🚀 

Given that the coronavirus has so many people working from home, it’s no wonder that selecting the right webinar software has become a critical decision for so many businesses.

Luckily, I was a bit ahead of the curve on this one. I’ve hosted hundreds of webinars over the past 10 years, and the biggest secret to using webinars to drive sales is that you need the best webinar software tool in order to engage viewers and deliver a smooth experience.

77% of marketers use webinars in their lead generation efforts and most companies use webinars in at least some part of their business — customer support, lead nurturing, product explanations, and more.

I want to warn you about some red flags you want to look out for when selecting the best webinar software for your business. Run the other way if you see a webinar tool that involves:

Confusing downloads and extensions
Poor customer service
Technical difficulties with sound and video
Overcomplicated dashboards
It’s simply not worth the headache of dealing with these issues. You and your attendees deserve better.

My go-to webinar software these days is Demio, but keep reading for a list of my favorite webinar software tools and my experience with them.

What is the best webinar software tool?
The best webinar software allows you to host live events with attendees, and it runs seamlessly without a hitch.

In my opinion, the best webinar software tools are Demio, Livestorm, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, ClickMeeting, GetResponse and a few others I have on this list.

I’ve taken the time to test each platform for my own use, and so my hope is that this list of the Best Webinar Software Tools, along with their pros, cons & pricing, is going to help you figure out which tool is best for your business.

When considering tools, you should look at a few important factors:

Do viewers have to download a plugin?
How many attendees are allowed in the room?
Can you have multiple presenters?
Does it send out email reminders to registrants?
Is the webinar software for live webinars, on-demand webinars, or both?
Are there any other helpful features like live chat, polls, handouts, or pop-up CTAs?
The best webinar software should be easily deployed and delight your viewers with a beautiful and on-brand experience.

Here are my recommendations for the best webinar software to use for your business.

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