5 things you need to know about webinars

 Webinars can be great when you do them right. Through our experience developing, promoting and running webinars for our clients, we’ve found them to be a great way of generating quality leads. Here are five things, based on a recent study done by our friends at GoToWebinar, that are important to know before you host your next webinar.

1. Are you clearly defining your brand?
Just hosting a ton of webinars all the time isn’t the best way. You should plan them out to strategically align with your business goals. Thursdays at 11 AM have been found to be the most popular time for hosting a webinar. And make sure to keep both coasts in mind if you have a national audience.

2. Promote like a pro
15% of registrations occur 3 to 4 weeks before a webinar. 69% the week leading up to it and 33% wait to sign up until the day of. Knowing this, a good way to structure your promotion schedule is to start with light promo efforts four weeks before the webinar and then promote more frequently the week of the webinar.

3. You’ve got plenty of time.
In an age of short attention spans, you might be surprised to learn that people actually like long webinars. 60 minute webinars showed almost double the registrations compared to 30 minutes. 90 minutes attracts 4.6 times as many! This is likely because a longer webinar indicates more value to be gained from joining.
4. Decide the best way to convey your information.
There are many ways to structure your webinar, and some of it will depend on the information you’re trying to convey. Lists, how-tos, and 101s are the most successful formats for webinars generally. With lists and how-tos, you’re able to clearly demonstrate your expertise and know-how. 101s work especially well when you’re covering a new or somewhat unknown topic.

5. Keep a good thing going.
Even if your webinar isn’t live, it can still have a lot of life left in it. In fact, 84% of B2B consumers would rather watch the replay than the live version. But this is good news because it means that all that hard work you put into the webinar is for a good reason. You can get a lot of extra mileage out of one webinar by promoting on-demand views even after it’s over.

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