Webinar: Future proof your fleet technology to maximize your investment, 26 Jun 2019


The safety technology market is changing rapidly. To future proof your fleet, you have to ensure the technology you invest in today can be flexible enough to accommodate future capabilities via integration. Combining technology tools along with integrating and analyzing data from multiple devices and equipment can give you a more holistic view of what is happening with the vehicle, the driver and the entire fleet. The challenge is in figuring out which systems to connect and how to determine what is possible both today and going forward.

  • Learn what the consolidation of vendors and technologies really looks like in practice.

  • Learn which technologies are mission critical to maximize safety and performance.

  • Learn how video and telematics can play a critical role in changing driver behavior, improving fleet management and obtaining on-time performance.

  • Learn about the criteria to examine when selecting winning technology or partners to improve your fleet’s performance and scale with your business.

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