Webinar: The impact of the employee experience on the hourly workforce, 25 Jun 2019


With unemployment at historic lows and wages stagnant, today's workforce has more options than ever before on where they want to spend their working hours. Most modern workers seek out a quality experience, one that pays the bills and offers advancement opportunities, but also one they enjoy and are engaged with, has a good company culture, and offers a purpose and social responsibility. 

This experience is summed up by a combination of interactions employees have with their employer—from the culture and employment brand to the technology and tools employees use. Understanding this employee experience is critical for companies to succeed, especially those in competitive environments like the service industry where the employee experience and engagement can be uniquely difficult.

  • Learn more about employee experience best practices.

  • Learn how technology can help enhance and innovate the employee experience.

  • Learn how to easily analyze the knowledge, growth and health of your total workforce.

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