Webinar: Facebook is Falling- Crucial Marketing Strategies You Must Activate Now, June 27, 2019

Facebook is on the decline and marketing on the platform has become more difficult. The “Facebook Apocalypse” which started early 2018 is for real and continues to gain momentum. There’s a lot more competition. Ad costs have risen and are projected to soar even higher.

Can your business still thrive on Facebook? Should you diversify to other social platforms?  And if so, which ones?

This webinar presented by the owner and president of The Ruby Marketing Agency, Lynn Ruby, will cover the essential strategies for Facebook marketing today, the mandate to diversify, and where she recommends you invest your time and resources now:

  • 5 things we know for sure about Facebook marketing
  • The 3 Facebook strategies CEOs must demand their social media team focus on and measure
  • 2 social platforms that are hot on Facebook’s heels, and which one is right for you.
  • The hot Facebook trends from 2018 that tanked
  • 5 global guidelines to help you know:
    • When to post,
    • What to post, and
    • The best types of posts
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