Webinar: PULLING THE TRIGGER ON TRANSACTIONAL EMAIL. Engage Your Best Customers with the Right Email at the Right Time, 12 Jun, 2019

Triggered transactional emails have open rates 69% higher than regular marketing campaigns. That’s only the beginning — when you look at click-through rates, triggered transactional email campaigns are 164% higher. 

The reason for those impressive numbers is simple: triggered emails are emails your customers want to receive. Yet many organizations continue to struggle with making sure their users receive the best email at precisely the right time.

Join our guys Nolan Iriarte and Jonathan "JT" Torres with Dyspatch's own Matt Harris and Megan Tobin as we talk about maximizing your engagements and returns with email.

  • Learn the types of triggered emails every business should have and the purpose of each

  • See the customer-initiated actions that trigger those emails

  • Find out how to optimize both content and timing to engage customers and drive revenue

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