Webinar: ‘Open-source learning’ – a new approach to sharing knowledge, Tuesday 11 June 2019

Open-source is a well-known concept in software development, but what lessons might learning and development professionals be able to draw from the open-source approach?

The concept of open-source, with its focus on collaboration, innovation and community creation, has been common in the software development world for years. You will be familiar with open-source software used by millions of people on a daily basis such as Android, Firefox and Linux.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Panopto, examines what the open-source approach has to offer L&D professionals.

Register now to find out how some now-familiar L&D activities can easily be considered through an open-source lens — concepts like:

  • Social learning
  • User-generated content
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Just-in-time learning.

All these ideas centre on employee communities coming together to solve learning challenges in an agile, iterative way, in a similar way in which open-source developers might build on a code base.

At a time when companies face increasing challenges around the delivery of effective learning, training and knowledge sharing, these “open-source learning” concepts can offer useful new approaches to some of these key challenges.

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