Webinar: Manage investments and follow-on rounds, Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Webinar - 05/06/2019

Wednesday 5th of June. From 13:00 to 14:30 CEST

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Why should you join this webinar?
Business Angels can take an important role to help the companies they invest in; learn why this is important and some examples. During the investment cycle entrepreneurs will face different challenges and investors can provide some support. Understand what Follow-on rounds are, when you can expect them to happen and the different types. Why do entrepreneurs and investors need these documents? Understand the differences and similaries among Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreement and Statutes. Learn the key components these documents should cover, main clauses and how to create and negotiate them.

What will be covered?

  • How and Why do Angels contribute know-how/support in addition to financing?
  • What are common challenges entrepreneurs face that angels should recognize?
  • When do follow-on rounds usually occur and how do they work?

Target audience:

  • Individuals who have the potential of being an angel 
  • Individuals who want to become an angel
  • Nascent, actual and experienced angels
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