Webinar: Careers in Germany with a Masters Degree, 28 May 2019

About This Webinar

Germany, today, is one of Europe’s top postgraduate study destinations for international students and a lucrative land of job opportunities, owing to its stable economy. Dubbed also as one of the most inexpensive countries for higher education, a successful Master's from a school in Germany can open many doors in the German job market for international students.
Attend this webinar to learn about the wonderful world of work that awaits a Master's graduate in Germany.
Through this webinar, you will gain -
1) A comprehensive overview of the industries and trends that rule the job market in Germany today.
2) An understanding of the current job demands and developments that are constantly advancing the job scene in the country.
3) A definitive guide to navigate through the job search process in Germany with pointers about job sources, possible challenges that could disrupt the process and all the other (lesser known) ways in which you can go about your job search.
4) An insight into the workings of GISMA's very own Career Development Centre that helps students enrolled in our programmes fulfill their career goals through a variety of specialised services, and establishes long lasting relationships with alumni and employers.
5) A helpful overview of GISMA's own Master's programmes, which are built keeping in mind the insights and skills good managers need in today's fast-paced business world. 

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