TU Delft: Topology in Condensed Matter: Tying Quantum Knots

* Duration: 12 weeks/ 3-6 hours per week
* Free online course
* Start date: Self-Paced

The idea behind topological systems is simple: if there exists a quantity, which cannot change in an insulating system where all the particles are localized, then the system must become conducting and obtain propagating particles when the quantity (called a "topological invariant") finally changes. The practical applications of this principle are quite profound, and already within the last eight years they have lead to prediction and discovery of a vast range of new materials with exotic properties that were considered to be impossible before.

What is the focus of this course?

- Applications of topology in condensed matter based on bulk-edge correspondence;
- Special attention to the most active research topics in topological condensed matter: theory of
  topological insulators and Majorana fermions, topological classification of "grand ten" symmetry
  classes, and topological quantum computation;
- Extensions of topology to further areas of condensed matter, such as photonic and mechanical
  systems, topological quantum walks, topology in fractionalized systems, driven or dissipative systems.

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