The Open University: The Digital Economy: Success Through Market Segmentation

* Duration: 4 weeks/ 3 hours per week
* Free online course
* Start date: 19 February 2018

Marketing is all about putting the customer at the centre of the business. But what exactly does that mean today? And what challenges do marketers face in satisfying ever more demanding customers in the digital age?
In this online course, you will look at how marketers can gain a competitive advantage, by using the vast amount of customer data available, to segment, target and personalise products for their customers.

What topics will you cover?

- What the digital economy means for the function of marketing,
- What market segmentation is and why market segmentation matters,
- The link between business strategy and marketing,
- The process of segmentation, targeting and positioning,
- Ethical issues in market segmentation
- The explosion of information and data in the digital age

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