University of Leeds/ Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating

* Duration: 2 weeks/ 2 hours per week
* Free online course
* Start date:04 December 2017


Online learning is likely to be important for you in the future, either at university or in the workplace. Learning online is different to learning in the classroom as it requires different skills. This course will help you to develop those skills, showing you how to learn and communicate effectively in an online environment.
This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’, which introduces you to the essential skills and tools you need to study effectively online.

What topics will you cover?

- Learning environments: an introduction to VLEs and MOOCs
- The learning journey and the differences between classroom-based and online learning
- Techniques for learning effectively online
- Using discussions to aid online learning
- Collaborating online: using wikis and other collaborative tools

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