Innovation Management: Winning in the Age of Disruption

Duration: 2 weeks/ 4 hours per week
Free online course
Start date: 25 September 2017


This course from the Leeds University Business School will show you how to manage innovation through real-life examples from IBM. You’ll identify challenges to innovation management and develop an innovation strategy. You’ll see how the world’s most successful businesses use systematic processes to manage disruptive innovation. Through practical insights you’ll learn how to continuously innovate in your core business. Exploring the latest design thinking and open innovation frameworks will help you drive innovation effectively within an established organisation or growing venture.What will you achieve?

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:
- Explain different types of innovation and innovation dynamics.
- Identify strategic innovation challenges in organisations.
- Explore core innovation and the key enablers required for successful innovation in existing operations, business
   and markets.
- Develop managerial approaches to organise innovation processes.
- Explore the key capabilities which support successful innovation.
- Reflect on innovation responses in real case studies.

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