Project: Promoting Webinar-Based Youth Non-Formal Education in Southeast Europe

From May 2017, DeSo started implementing the project: Promoting Webinar-Based Youth Non-Formal Education in Southeast Europe. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, and implemented by Development Solutions (DeSo) from the Republic of Macedonia, in partnership with the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (IED) from Greece, and Foundation "Forty two" from Bulgaria.

The project aims to promote webinar-based nonformal education for young people. This type of non-formal education is completely open to young people (easily accessible from anywhere, free of charge, particularly relevant to young people in various situations of exclusion, etc.). In addition, it is strongly innovative in the SEE region - at present most young people still do not understand the concept of webinar.

Expected results:
4 webinar curricula for non-formal education on young people (in the broad areas of employment/employability, civic engagement and empowerment, intercultural education, and social entrepreneurship) will be developed
1 regional portal on e-learning will be updated throughout the project as well as after the project completion
at least 36 webinars (12 by project partner) will be organized for purposes of dissemination.

Total project duration is 16 months.