• Innovation Management: Winning in the Age of Disruption

    This course from the Leeds University Business School will show you how to manage innovation through real-life examples from IBM. You’ll identify challenges to innovation management and develop an innovation strategy. You’ll see how the world’s most successful businesses use systematic processes to manage disruptive innovation.

  • This free online course will introduce the processes related to discovery, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; the influence of Chinese culture on them; and the characteristics and thinking of Chinese innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China

  • 5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017

    In the past few years, more students enrolled in online courses, more organizations offered alternative credentials such as digital badges and nanodegrees and more employers accepted online degrees from job candidates.
    Here are five trends experts say students might see in online education in 2017.



ДеСо/ Оглас за локални организатори 11/1/2017 Девелопмент солушнс (ДеСо) го спроведува проектот Promoting Webinar-Based Youth Non-Formal Education in Southeast Europe... Read more
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